Insure works under your responsibility

Galleries, museums, antiques dealers, auctioneers, specialized logisticians, conservators or artists: we offer you a comprehensive solution to cover your activity.

As an art professional, you must be particularly attentive to your insurance policy, including the coverage and insured value.

Depending on your line of business, we offer different damage insurance solutions that can be tailored as precisely as possible: all-risk exhibition or storage contracts, extensions specific to each activity, upgrades or adaptations in line with your events or changing needs, specific transport insurance, etc.

We also establish cover adapted to your public liability in accordance with the specific nature of your activity. For issues concerning the authenticity, dating, restoration, handling or transport of works, even if liability insurance is not compulsory for auctioneers and auction institutions, it is essential for all of the art market's stakeholders.

Valiex added value

Beyond our technical expertise, Valiex above all delivers a premium service:

  • responsive, pro-active intervention in the event of an incident;
  • an initial, exhaustive audit of your risks, entirely free;
  • a dedicated contact to quickly respond to all your requests: contract management, reporting and processing claims, etc.
  • regular contacts to check that your insurance policies still fully cover your risks whenever they change.